Thursday, January 2, 2014

Meet Trixie

Meet Trixie. My new camera.

Its a GoPro Hero 3 camera. I needed a smaller / less serious camera. I figured this one is perfect for my needs/wants. :D I got her from echostorePH for a price cheaper than of local malls.

Charging for a test run
Right now, I'm still reading its manual and familiarizing myself with the controls. I think I need to get some accesories for her. Maybe the tripod mount and some extra batteries.

Here's a test photo that I took.

Not bad for a lowlight shot.
I also used her to video our new year celebration at home. You can watch that here.

Please watch out for more updates from this blog. :) Trying to be active here for this year.

Happy new year everyone <3

Saturday, December 28, 2013

What's the use

What's the use of having a lot of batteries, when you end up leaving them at home. 

Bad luck for my shoot earlier. I needed a fresh set of batteries but my I left my spares at home.

I really should have a checklist per shoot.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Misaki Tokura of Cardfight! Vanguard

Just had a Misaki Tokura shoot last weekend with Mimi Monster Cosplay.

First time using Visatec Flash heads. <3

Here's the basic setup that we I did for this set. A basic one light setup to light the model. Small softbox located camera left. Two other lights were used to add color and details to the background glass door. (gelled with red and blue gels)

Light Diagram 1.0
Here's the output.

Misaki Tokura by Mimi Monster Cosplay

I would like to thank Vogue Royal Studios for the location that we used. The three lights I used were also provided by them.

More from this set can be found here.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cosplay Snapshot Project 2013 - Finalist

I received a good news from the organizing team of the Cosplay Snapshot Project. 4 of my entries made it to the book. :) It was very exciting to read about. And hopefully some of them would reach the final 20.

You may see my entries here.

Entries that got in are:
  • Elven Priestess by Mimi Monster
  • Rider by Mimi Monster
  • Lara Croft by Nat Miranda
  • Wretched Egg by Hibernation Panda

Again, My sincerest thank you to everyone who helped me during the shoots.

Goodluck to everyone who made it! :D